Personal Wedding Photographer

Personal Wedding Photographer by your side.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many cities in India and around the world have banned large gatherings and asked people to follow proper social distancing guidelines. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a major slowdown in the wedding industry, with many couples cancelling or postponing their big day. Some pre-planned weddings have taken place but were held in small private ceremonies with only a handful of family members and guests while following strict restrictions.

For many who work in the wedding industry including photographers, videographers and caterers this has led to a loss in income. Wedding vendors have been struggling to keep their businesses up and running during this unprecedented time.

But as you know, things are getting better and the show must go on. Good specialized wedding photographers are back in demand. Some brides, grooms or couples nowadays prefer a personal wedding photographer to capture moments of their wedding day.

“I am at my best when I work alone in my own space.”

Yes, I am your personal wedding photographer who will capture all important moments of your wedding day from beginning till the end in a specialized candid manner without being noticed. It doesn’t matter if your wedding has 50 or 400 guests, as your personal wedding photographer I will be by your side throughout, shooting candid moments of all the events.

As a client you can hire an optional photography teams to shoot regular traditional photographs, videos or cinematic films.

It does not matter if it is a destination wedding or a small intimate wedding. I can collaborate with photography teams in all the major cities.

Benefits of having a personal wedding photographer

  1. Personalized and easily customizable service.

  2. One dedicated specialized photographer by your side at all times from start till end.

  3. Traveling and lodging charges incurred to the client is lower than hiring a whole team.

  4. Guest size doesn’t matter.

  5. Less confusion and always ready to shoot.

  6. Quick turnarounds.

  7. Reasonably cost effective.

(Please refer to Affordable Wedding Packages for details and Pricing)

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